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Technical Guidelines

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  • All content must come from only the serving ad server’s domain (Johmet.com) and the content served may not call in content from any other domain.
  • All URL/domain references must be named TLD or gTLD domains. IP addresses are not allowed.
  • All advertisements must generate a new window and the existing Johmet Advertising Network (JAN) site window must remain open.
  • The display URL must be the same as the destination URL (i.e., no redirects are allowed and the website that the advertisement’s link must resolve to advertised URL).
  • The destination website address of an advertisement must resolve to a working website and work properly. Links to email addresses, files, and under construction pages are not allowed.
  • All advertisements must not include pop-under or pop-up windows. Additionally, landing pages must not include pop-up or pop-under advertisements to a user or other website.
  • Advertisements must not interfere with the function or navigation on the hosted “JAN” website where it appears, nor obscure other advertisements or content,  alter or access user’s computer settings or preferences, or otherwise inappropriately or unduly interfere with the user’s experience of the Johmet Advertising Network website or Johmet.com.
  • Advertisements must not trigger software downloads user’s computer or mobile device without first providing the user with clear disclosures, and at the user’s discretion with an opportunity to decline to install, regarding the installation, operation and removal of such software.
  • If third-party tags are used in an Advertisement along with Johmet Publishing Groups (“JPG”) prior written consent, please include specific traffic instructions. A contact at the third-party is required and must be provided to “JPG” prior to the campaign start date.
  • All impression delivery and billing will be based on Johmet Advertising Groups reporting numbers unless otherwise specified in the applicable request order.
  • All advertisements must support “http:” and “https:” for visitors who purchase and browse in secure mode.
  • All tags for placement must be secure (https:).
  • By advertising with Johmet Publishing Group (“JPG”) and the Johmet Advertising Network (“JAN”) and its affiliated sites, you consent to have security checks performed by JPG on your ads.
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